RUBEN CEDEÑO (Lecture delivered at the Chapel of the United Nations, New York, on Monday December 28, 2009)

 Metaphysics landed in the United Nations. For the ones here today, it is a historic moment for our Spiritual Teaching. The Ascended Masters, Conny Mendez, and those who were before us, already advised this was the Teaching of the New Age, not only for the metaphysics world but for the whole world. And if so, we must live spreading the teaching and expanding the borders of the kingdom. Getting to the United Nations is an important step, energy wise and spiritual wise, it is from here that, on the inner planes (etheric, emotional and mental planes) we make our decrees for the first time, to have a Divine Government, Wealth, Health and Peace manifested in the whole world.

There are etheric channels through which our decrees flow and, as a tree with branches, these etheric channels are carring out this energy until all Earth is covered. Those countries who are most sensitive, spiritual and open to this energy, will be getting it faster than the ones who are narrow minded and suffer from wars, famine and tyranny. But they will also get it. Master El Morya, a Master of the Blue Ray of Strength, Faith, God Will, is the one commanding this radiation present here in the United Nations.


What is spirituality? What we actually are as spiritual people? Spirituality is not saying we are with the Masters, read their books, say "the Master says this or that" or " did this or that miracle". True spirituality lies in being noble, being aware of our acts and realizing an aspect of the First Ray that few people think about, that is Goodness, Being Good, practice the "Good Will which enforces the Law of Good Will set out in the book "Dynamic Spirituality" which is one of our core texts.

Some people do not know that the Seven Rays have laws and this can be learned in the book "Dynamic Spitituality".

The first Law of the First Ray is the "Law of Good Will". You may think "that's easy" or "I have Good Will". However, have you watched yourself to see if you really hold that Good Will, do you really act from that Goodness of Heart? Do the spiritual students next to you or even your disciples, act guided by their Good Will? are they completely Noble in their attitude, words and thoughts?

"Goodwill" is to be Noble, to be unselfish, to not rub into anybody's face our spirituality, miracles and achievements, it is not to preach about our progress or whether we are closer to a Master. All of that may be offensive, lacks "Nobleness" in the one who didn't achieve this point. "Good Will" is absolute harmlessness. That's what made the Master El Morya a Noble Being in essence.

Many people think that Lord Gautama belongs to the Golden Ray, however, since he is the Lord of the World, he is working under the Blue Ray, because that position in the Spiritual Hierarchy belongs to the First Ray. The Lord Gautama is the First Noble and Good Wil Being of the World.

The Blue Ray is not only having strength or faith, speaking loudly or manly. Above all that, is about Being Noble, thinking, feeling and acting for the common good.

When making a tour in the United Nations, we found that everything shows there is "Good Will" for the countries to stop fighting and end the wars, to end famine and landmines. There is an special interest in reaching the world for it to have an education and food. It is necessary for the world to also cultivate Nobleness and "Good Will" to have beauty and make a beautiful world around us, it is important for the world to forgive and to not be divided any longer.

Where division exists, there can't be peace. Division is the basis of the war. That is the reason why it is necessary to work for groups and mankin to not split. Let's not be another divided group in the world, let's be united. Let's speak no more as separate organization, because the Teaching is not divided, it has no boundaries.

The Teaching we offer to people consists of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting positive, implementing the Seven Rays and Laws, not only Hermes Laws but the Laws of "I Am", which are Laws of the Seven Rays. That's not somene's private property, it belongs to the world. This is why the writings are not under the aegis of an organization or a particular group and in that line, legal actions have been taken to release copyright from our books.

The word "Spiritual Teaching" is an impersonal name we give to our instruction. It has no political or group affiliation. By using this term, we have made progress particularly at a mental, semantic and spiritual level such as the use of word Christ referring to the "Inner Self".

To refer to the "Divine Spark", we can use more universal and neutral terms to all religions and remove from the metaphysics language any religious bias. When using the word "Christ", we all know that Jews, ancestrally, did not accept Jesus as the Christ. Therefore, there is no need for them to accept the word Christ, because they preach and wait for a Messiah that they don't believe is Jesus.

The great prophet, Isaiah, was the one who spoke about the "Messiah" the most. This word means "Anointed One of God's grace." The word "Christ" was used when they had to translate "Messiah" from Hebrew into Greek, and they used the word "Krestos", which has the same meaning in Hebrew. By associating the word with Jesus' name, some Jews did not accept the term Christ.

And why we, Spiritual Students of the New Age have to be dragging prejudices, misunderstandings and misinterpretations that religions have held against one another for years?

We have no reason to accept that, because our teachings go beyond any religious, political and social differences. This Teaching have practioners from Judaism, Islam, Christianism and Buddhadharma and we want to make sure they all feel integrated and well.

When we speak of Christ or the "Divine Spark" is like talking about the "Messiah" and the "Inner Enlightenment" which were achieved by Elijah, Moses, many prophets in Judaism, Krishna, Ramakrishna and Yogananda in Hinduism, Gautama, Milarepa, Ananda in the Buddhadharma, Jesus, St. Francis or Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Christianmism and Krishnamurti who did not belong neither founded a religion.

In the chapel of the United Nations, we have five symbols of very important religious: the cross, universally accepted as a symbol of Christianity, right next to it we find the "Star of Victory" that represents Judaism, then there is the star and the crescent moon, which is the symbol of Islam. Then we find the "Wheel of Dharma", which is the symbol of the Buddhadharma that has the Noble Eightfold Path, and finally we find the symbol of Shintoism, which is the religion practiced in Japan, of which less is known, but we explain it lenghty in the book "Japan".

Metaphysics is a Universal Spiritual Teaching and when we refer to other religions, we do it with a multi-religious connotation, with no bias towards this or that religions because, if we don't do it this way, we would be further supporting any division and division is war. The basis of our teaching does not go against any religion.

Basically, the Christ is the "Inner Messiah", the "Inner Buddha" the "Inner Iman Mahdi." God is accepted by all religions, however, concepts change by religion. If Metaphysics used the name of God and accepts all prophets from Judaism without problems, I think a Jews in Metaphysics could accept Jesus. If Jesus is not accepted as the Christ, the son of God, it does not really matter. I think it is okay to accept Jesus as an intelligent Jew who gave people a great teaching, someone who was a Jew and was called a "Rabi" by the Jew people. If Metaphysics accepts all prophets from Judaism, it is not too much asking they can accept one Master so we can "have the party in peace".

In metaphysics we accept all the "Saints", "Buddhas" or "Enlightened Ones" of Buddhism or Buddhadharma. The Seven Aspects of God have no problem with any religion to be accepted, as they are the qualities of the Seven Rays, the Laws of the I AM Presence. And the Seven Bodies of the human being do not go against any religon principles either.

We bring to you a Teaching that is multicultural, multinational, multi-religious, and it can be explained and spread with no problems to all beings on Earth. If people of any religion study Metaphysics and do not accept the existence of the Ascended Masters, it is not our main goal for people to accept it anyway. Our goal is to make the Teachings of the Masters known, whether people accept their existence or not. The essence of our teaching is to teach people about loving, forgiving, healing, living beautifully and wealthy.


Every day this Teaching is cleaning and purifying from terms and concepts that may be hostile to members of any religion or group. We are in full expansion and evolution. Every book that we publish is more advanced thant the previous one, and this allows us to offer the books to diverse organizations, and of course, to the United Nations.

Forty years ago, myself and other sixteen people meeting in a little room in the house of Conny Méndez, and she said: "This [teaching] will spread all over the world and throughout Latin America." I looked at these women, more elders than young ones, this was a simple meeting in a layd's house. Ladies and Gentlemen, today, we are millions. So now, at this time, if I remember that moment and compare with this very moment, all united in this Chapel of the United Nations, we can say: "Through the United Nations, Metaphysics will keep expanding, universalising, as of today more than ever. " If not today, in one, five, or ten years, I do not know when, but you will see it.

The beginning of this Congress in New York to welcome Lord Gautama as the incoming Enfolding Spirit of 2010, is being done here in the United Nations. As above so below, for the Lord Gautama is the Lord of the World to all Nations. In fact, in the painting of Lord Gautama appears the world at his feet on the base and that is the logo of the United Nations. Some of us are wearing the United Nations T-shirts which hold the logo representative of the "International World and Spiritual Unity."

Thanks for coming to New York and thanks to the Metaphysics Group of Manhattan and Juan Rodriguez for getting this chapel today.

Ruben Cedeño

The chart of the “I AM” is the physical representation of your Real Being. God in you, is the Higher Being where all beings sum up and synthesize. This chart is divided in three parts that represent the human as a trinity: Spirit, Soul and Body.

1. THE SPIRIT is the Superior figure that contains in its body of Light the totality of the chart. This is because it is everything. It is your Higher Self also known as “I AM,” “The Monad,” or “The Father in Heaven”. Its body is made of electronic fire and the Cosmic Law that rules it is the one of synthesis. It synthesizes everything and there is nothing outside its Being. For the Tibetans the Spirit is AVALOKITESWARA, which means “The one who looks.” It is represented with wide and bright eyes because it is the Watcher Being of the Cosmos’ activity. It lives in the highest plane of manifestation which is the Monadic. The Spirit is also known as ANUPADAKA, which means “self created.” Because the I AM is a Divine auto creation, from its forehead comes the three-fold flame that represents the three primary aspects of God: Will, Wisdom and Love. In its CORONARY Chakra there is a circle with a point that is the symbol of the cosmos which represents the Logos, the word, or the “I AM.” This presence is projected through the Atmic, the Buddhic, and the higher Mental planes getting into the Spiritual Triad. This is where Atma is the first expression of the Being “I AM,” Buddhi is the consciousness of “I AM” in all life, and the Mental is the Divine consciousness expanding towards humans. This is located in the lower part of the chart that represents the body or personality.

2. THE SOUL is at the center of the chart represented by a Golden Lotus with twelve petals and a three-fold flame in the center. This is the Christ Lotus. All these names are synonymous with Spiritual Soul or Ego, with capital E. The Soul is the intermediary between the “I AM” Presence and the personality. The seven concentric circles surrounding the Christ Lotus represent the Causal Body, this is where Wisdom is recorded and accumulated through all the re-embodiments of a Being.
The Christ Lotus as well as the Causal Body resides in the higher mental plane. The Blue and Pink rays that penetrate through the central sides of the chart are the two rays of Light that emanate from the eyes of Amida Buddha. They form the Jewel in the Lotus or “PADMA PANI,” whose name is the mantra “OM MANI PADNI HUM,” or “I AM THAT I AM.” It should be pronounced to call up the Christ to action. The triangle that surrounds the Lotus is the symbol of the Christ.

3. The Inferior Being represents the PERSONALITY or the lower tetrad, this is composed of the physical, the etheric, the astral, and the inferior mental bodies. These four lower vehicles are in balance and represented by a square forming a Maltese Cross. It is the electronic pattern of the Master Saint Germain and the Era of the Violet Flame. In the center of the cross there is a heart with a three-fold flame that is the reflection of the Christ living in the hearts of every human being. Through the flame are reflected the three aspects of God which are the essence of the “I AM” and the Christ. The ray of light that unites the lower being with the Christ and the “I AM” Presence is the Triple Silver Cord. The life of the personality, the Christ, and the “I AM,” communicates with each other during the period of embodiment through this cord. The Violet tube that surrounds the lower body is the Pillar of Violet Fire which should surround all students in the Ascension path for the protection and purification of its lower nature. The Pillar of white light that stands out from the Violet Flame is the Ascension Flame which grants the final victory of the circle of life. This flame is the unification of the lower being with the Inner Christ, and finally with the “I AM” Presence. This luminous unification is known in the Inner Planes as the Ascension for the Earth or the first Cosmic Initiation.
This chart is charged with the radiation, Light, and Love of the Octave of the Ascended Masters; therefore, it can be used for meditation, teachings, and as the center field of spiritual force for homes, as well as instructional centers of the New Era.

The message of this instruction is for you to seize to God inside of you. Ladies and gentlemen, there are people who pray to an image of the Mother Mary or Jesus, but these representations can be destroyed in an undetermined moment because everything that has a beginning has an end and what does not have a beginning will never have an end. God is what humanity should be conscious of. God has never had a beginning; therefore, He will never have an end. He will never be disappointed or leave you alone because wherever you are, He is, too. Whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, God is with you, He does not abandon you. If this planet or solar system is destroyed, the only thing that will remain is “THE I AM.” It is what will remain resounding in the universe when this period of Cosmic Manifestation ends. Everything else is not worthy. Surrender everything and consider it lost and contemplate the only thing gained, God inside of you.
This is the task. There is nothing else to look for. Nothing else to ask for. You already know what you have to know. You found what you were looking for. You have already seen what you have to do. Do it! As the Bible says, “Today is the day of your salvation.” Do not leave it for tomorrow because it may never come. In spite of that, today is in your hands. Today you have it over here, do it and realize the presence of God inside of you.

The only thing that separates you from God is your mind and you have to tell it, “Shut up, you are not going to govern anymore, it is only God who is going to do it.” The principle of mentalism is important, but when you get to the “I AM,” you are going to realize that you are above the law of mentalism because the mind can deceive and betray us, and we cannot remain in the mind, we have to transcend it. Our message goes beyond the mind, it goes directly towards God. He is in a plane higher than your mind, your emotions, and your physical body. There is no more mind, emotions, or physical body. Only God as the only Presence, the only Power, the only Substance, the only Energy, and the only Existing Being in all manifestation.
When you say "I AM," you are pronouncing the name of God. Any word that follows, Truth, Health, Opulence, etc. will manifest because God is "I AM" and the energy of the "I AM" is qualified with the word you want. You have in your hands the scepter of power. You know that all destructive things in your life have been generated by using the "I AM" negatively.

Today, is the day you are going to redeem all this misused energy through the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Fire. You are going to start a new life by using the "I AM" for Good and Perfection. You may be identifying yourself with a negative appearance for a few days and this will continue to manifest as long as you make comments on it, talk about it, and believe it. The day you say to that appearance, “you do not exist,” “you are not true,” and “you do not have power.” You invoke the "I AM" as the opposite of this appearance as Unity, Truth, Forgiveness, and Love. You will see that it disappears and that it does not matter how great it may be. It does not matter what the negative appearance embraces. “I AM" embraces more. “I AM" can do more.

When you say, ”I AM the only Presence,” you are taking away power to all the creations. Be it a des-embodied human, a devil, or anything. By saying,”I AM the only Presence, the only Power,” you are taking away power to everything that is not God in you. Thus, you are imposing the greatest Truth and the greatest Power to bring Perfection, but when you say, ”I cannot, I do not know, it is impossible for me,” you are closing the door to the manifestation of Light, and to the manifestation of God’s Presence. You have in your hands the power and the scepter of command, use it and manage it. Do not be scared. If there are some people who have not been scared to rob, to assassinate, and to lead a country to war, їwhy are you going to get scared for using the power of the “I AM” Presence to bring Peace, Harmony, Love, and Unity to Earth through God? їWhy are you going to feel fear? їWhy are you going to deny yourself? If you do not do it, you are an accomplice of evil. You have to assume the power of God because it is the commitment that will give you the knowledge; it is what will rebound in benefit of your spiritual progress and the spiritual progress of all mankind. This is the reason why the Ascended Masters want to give us the knowledge, so we break the chains of imperfect human creations, assume the command, and take control of the power of our lives and the world that surround us. Let’s make this world better every day because the salvation of the human race is in our hands. We are the world and whatever we say against the world, we are saying it to ourselves, and others. “I AM” is God manifested everywhere.
Ladies and gentlemen, take the command and the power of the “I AM” Presence to govern the world in Truth, Love and Wisdom. Assume the power now, there is no time to lose!

To say before the Chart of the “I AM” Presence

Your heart is my heart, “I AM” your heart of Light.
Your head is my head, “I AM” your crown of Light.
Your eyes are my eyes, “I AM” your vision of Light.

Your voice is my voice ,“I AM” your verb of Light.
Your hands are my hands, “I AM” your hands of Light.
Your audition is my audition, “I AM” your audition of Light.
Your feet are my feet, “I AM” your walk of Light.
Your body is my body, “I AM” your electronic body of Light.
Your rays of Light are my attire of Light. “I AM” what you are.

"Seven Rays" by Ruben Cedeño.

          God is light, which breaks into the Seven Rays o...
f the rainbow. Each Ray is the expression of God’s virtues: Will, Blue Ray; Wisdom, Gold Ray; Love, Pink Ray; Purity, White Ray; Truth, Green Ray; Provision, the Purple and Gold Ray; and Freedom, Violet Ray. We can invoke, activate and attract these virtues in two ways: with the power of our thoughts and feelings, and visualizing the Rays as well. Each day of the week will receive greater influence from one of the Seven Rays: Blue Ray, Sunday; Gold Ray, Monday; Pink Ray, Tuesday; White Ray, Wednesday; Green Ray, Thursday; Purple and Gold Ray, Friday; Violet Ray, Saturday. All the tendencies and actions for the benefit of mankind can be traced within one of the Seven Rays of God’s Light, which is the Divine activity and thus, souls are able to find union with God. Each of the Seven Rays has an Elohim, an Archangel and a Chohan. Every person belongs to one of the Seven Rays, and according to our characteristics, we can find out which Ray we belong to. Mother Iris is the personification of the Seven Ray's spectrum.



WESAK 2010
Rubén Cedeño



Caracas 8.5.2010

On the day of the full moon of the month of Vaishakha, which in Singhalese translates as ‘Wesak’, the celebration takes place of the currently Lord of the World, Head of the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa’, Siddharta Gautama Buddha’ s birth, enlightenment, ascension and yearly visit to the Earth. Such event is celebrated in every place in the world where the Buddhadharma is practiced and in the headquarters of thousands of spiritual groups. Since 1970, in the name of Lord Gautama, I have incorporated the Metaphysics groups into celebrating this festival and; for the first of these celebrations, I personally asked Conny Mendez to attend by my side to celebrate it and she accepted, giving her blessing and consent to this type of festival within Metaphysics.

Since the onset of the ‘New Age’, the Ascended Masters have signaled for the day for this festival the ‘Full Moon of May’; other groups have highlighted the’ Full Moon of Taurus’ for it, which sometimes falls in April or May. Buddhadharma apprentices around the world in unanimous consensus have recently agreed to celebrate it on the ‘Full Moon of May’, a decision which all groups of Metaphysics adhere to. In this year, 2010, it will be celebrated on May 27. In old times, Lord Gautama used to show up on that day in the valley of Wesak in the Himalayas, and there are very beautiful accounts of this incident. Since Lord Gautama became ‘Lord of the World’, He started to descend on this day to every place where this Festival is carried out, even in the humblest of groups or temples dedicated to His Being. On this day, an activity is always celebrated to which attendees come dressed in white, which generally takes place at night, and where a Service to Lord Gautama is practiced, talks about his life take place, and his Teaching and his songs are sung.





By: Rubén Cedeño

Release all your problems to the four winds and don´t worry anymore about anything that bothers you.  Relax and unwrikle your forehead, release the tensions from your face, shoulders, arms and legs.  Relax all your body.  Stay in peace for a few minutes with your Own Being, forget all troubles:  the noise of the motorcycles, the horns, the traffic jam, the heat, people´s demands, the aggressiveness which you have been treated with, the human scorn, the control that others want over you, the shouts you receive, the bad taste, the falsehood, and the vanity of the enviroment.

FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT COULD ANOYS YOU, because when we put our attention on anything uncomfortable, we become that very thing which we don´t like.  There we loose our internal Peace because we disturb ourselves physically, emocionally and mentally.

Remenber that te strength which allows you to live, think, feel, move, see and do everything you want is inside of your own heart, because God´s Divine Spark, the Holy Spirit´s breath of life, or the Internal Christ as some people calls it, lives in your heart. Remember that St. Paul clearly says: "Do you know that you are temples of God and that God´s Spirit live in you?", "Jesus Christ is in you".

Millions of years ago, you and every human being lived in God´s own Hear and did not have a body as today. We were sparks making part of God´s radaint Spirit like right cells of His Being.

At that time we didn´t have conciousness of our indivual selves or what was happening, therefore, at a determined moment in the cosmic manifestation, God decided that all of us had to realice that we were a part of Him and for that very reason we take on physic bodies, due to the fact that only trough the substance we are able to get the necessary knowledge in order to be self-conscious that we are part of God, sparks of His own Being. This means that we are Gods, and the Bible cofirms it both in Genesis and in the Gospels "And God created man in His own image and likeness" (Genesis 1-27) "You are Gods" (St. John 10-34)

Therefore, we have come to the physical incarnation with the purpose of:

  1. Be conscious and self-conscious of God´s aspects.
  2. Expanding God´s park which we possess inside of us until it shines like a sun.
  3. Being able, through evolucion, to unite some day in the ocean of light, happiness and love of God´s presence.

God is all in everything. He is the essence of our own being, and of everything existing. God cannot be the punishing and vengeful half human and divine person as some people believe, because God cannot go against His own Being which we ourselves are.

God is love and He loves you and all of us with the greatest sweetness and care you can imagine, since we are part of His body, as well as a part of everything existing. He consents you like a father with his most beloved son; and look at everything that He has given us to enjoy: a sky with clouds to dream of, with stars to imagine and study; trees to make us beautiful and to drink; stones to build our houses; with animals to bear witness to His Love, Beauty and Freedom; air to fly in and the entire human race to accompany us and fill us wit love, harmony and happiness.

But what happens is that human beings have freedom of choice; that means freedom to live well or bad.  Thus, we live according to good or wrong thinking, good or wrong feeling and actions.   For those who choose to live badly, they cannot enjoy the gifts God gives us in order to be happy upon the earth.

The Divine Order is the first son of God. So, let start to order our own worlds now!, and as a Law of Consequence, the world which surrounds us, because everythin tha tis understood and realized internally is also projected and realized externally.

Star by see now the Divine Spark which burns in your heart, like a powerful and radiant sun of Peace, Love, Divine Will, Wisdom, Happiness, Well-being, Richness, Serenity   and everything that is God.

There, in the place where you are in right now, on the bus, in your car, in the cafeteria, in the park, at the stadium down in an armchair or lying down in your bed, think of the following:

  1. God is only Love and He wants only the best foryou. God beats in every heart-throb. I feel it and I know that God is with me in every moment of my life.
  2. With the eyes of your spirit look how your heart-throb. I feel it and I know that God is with me in every moment of my life.
  3. See now how in the centre of the sun of light there is a triple flame which rises from the top of your heart. There are three lihts which are living and shining, and revealing the three main aspects of od.
  4. From the right side of your heart, the blue-colored flame which contains all the Faith, Will and Power of God, is also alive and bright.   Say: "I am not afraid. God is faith and security in my heart". "I am the strength, the faith and the power of God which does away with every doubt, wickedness and superstition". "God Will for me and for everybody is always good". "Every evil has a hidden goodness".
  5. Now direct your attention towards the left side of your heart and look at the rose-colored flame which contains Love, Beauty, Richness and Diplomacy of God in its highest expression. Say: "I am God in action". "I am an universal focus of love which surrounds every person, city, country and continent in the world".
  6. Look how in the centre of your heart the yello-golden flame rises victoriously, irradiating all the Wisdom, Intelligence and Ilumination of God. Say: "I am the light spot from which God looks on the world", "I am God´s Peace and Knowledge which is superior tothe human understanding". "I am the light of the world". "God is light and there is no darkness in Him" (St. John 1.5)
  7. Imagine now how the blue-colored flame rising from the right side of your heart and the rose-colored one coming from the left side, start to descend until they reach your feet, and from there rise togeter mixed into a bright violet-colored flame which commences to surround you entirely until it reaches your head, building in this way a pillar of violetcolored light around your body. The violet flame is God´s sacred fire which eliminates every imperfect and unwanted human condition.

Look on yourself as a torch of violet-colored flame, and repeat: "I am the Law of Forgiveness and the transmutating violet flame which destroys ad eliminates every mistake committed by me and y the whole humanity". "I am a violet-flame torch".

The violet-colored flame makes you invisible and undefeatable to every evil and imperfect human creation.

From the metaphysic point of view, animosity, criticism, lack of forgiveness, enmity and hatred cause illnesses and wars; therefore, say to every person, situation or thing with which you are not in harmony "I give you my love and I forgive you".

End your meditation by thanking God for everything you have and do not ever complain about anything again, because that denies the prsence of od. Consequently, we should be gratefull for everything we posses.




Thanks Father for my life

wich is yours; and thanks for the life of the others.

thanks for light and for darkness

which allow me to see your inmensity.


Thanks Father for the earth,

fire, air and sea.

thanks for loving and for being loved,

for knowing and having will,

for a friend and for mankind,

for children´s smiles,

for mom and dad.


Thanks Father for black men

and for the white ones,

for the indians, halfbreeds and sambos.

thanks for the stones and plants,

for the holy animals,

for the trones, seraphs and archangels,

for faith, hope and charity,

for giving and forgiving,

for the challenge and for peace.


Thanks Father for the words,

expression and ability to speak.

thanks for painting and literature,

for music and sculpture,

for drama and architecture.


Thanks Father for the words,

expression and ability to speak.

thanks for painting and literature,

for music and sculpture,

for drama and architecture.


Thanks Father for the sciences,

medicine and electricity,

for physics and chemistry,

alchemy and biology.

thanks for the truth.


Thanks Father for being Christian,

Rosicrucian or Hinduist,

Jew, Freemason or Moslem,

Metaphysician or Buddhist.

thanks Father because we know that you exist

andare able to reach You in many ways.


Thanks fo everything,

from every particle of sand up to as high as the solar system;

thanks forevery galaxy; for being able to feel,

think and create.


Thanks for the moment

in which I can meditate and

look at you in every place, and

on my daily wandering.


Thanks, because I can say "thanks Father

For everyting you give me"



You are a Sun  

 by Rubén Cedeño

In a few words I will explain to you what you have come to this life for, why sometimes things go wrong and what you can do for things to always be right.  Finally, I will explain what kind of help you can receive so your life will stop being "a valley of tears" and become a meadow of happiness because, YOU ARE A SUN.

You are a child of God, pure and perfect, with a divine seed in you heart called The Inner Christ, which is a Sun of light that contains the three primary aspects of God, symbolized in a triple flame.  The Blue Flame (God´s Will), the Gold Flame (God´s Wisdom), and the Pink Flame (Divine Love).  The purpose of your life is to become one with these three divine aspects, which you can invoke from within yourself every time you need health, freedom and love.  Everyday and every time you feel the need, dedicate a few minutes or as much time as you want to think abou your Inner Christ.

If you are in bad shape it is because of the negative words or thoughts that you have said against yourself and others.  Correct your vocabulary and your way of thinking inmediately!  Say positive things about yourself and others, whether they are true or not.  Bad things change if we irradiate them with positivism.  Always say:  "I am positive, think positive and speak positive".

Hatred and lack of forgiveness do not make life good, so begin to forgive all the people that have hurt you.   Even if in your eyes they do not deserve it, say to them:  "I give you my love and forgiveness".

You are not alone in life.  Above your head there is a brotherhood of Saints, Angels and Illuminated Spirits eager to help you.  They are just waiting for you to invoke them.  If you know about the existence of master Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Germain, Lord Gautama, Mohammed or simply GOD, everything good, beatiful, coloful, musical, intelligent, happy and smilling in life is for you.  God is waiting for you to open the door of your heart to fill it up with glory because YOU ARE A SUN.

To conclude, I remind you that when Moses asked God ihs name, He answered: "I AM THAT I AM".  So "I AM" is the name of God and his name should not be used in vain.  Every time you say "I AM", say something positive good, happy and healthy.  If you want to recreate yourself in the Temple of God, let your mind and heart take pleasure in repetaing the divine name of "I AM THAT I AM" and you will see your life become iluminated because YOU ARE A SUN.






Traveler´s Protection Decrees

(Where it states "this car," substitute our mode of travel: plañe, train, bus, ship; youth—bicycle, etc.)

God the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" is driving this car; sees blocks ahead and miles ahead, and avoids all undesirable contacte and situations!

Through the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" which "I AM"! I demand the Violet Flanüng Cosmic Christ Control of this car! I command the Violet Flaming Cosmic Christ Control of this car! And "I AM" the Violet Flanüng Cosmic Christ Control of this car! Now made physically manifest and eternally sustained!

Through the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" which "I AM"! I demand the Violet Flaming Cosmic Christ Control of every vehicle on the road! I command the Violet Flaming Cosmic Christ Control of every vehicle on the road! And "I AM" the Violet Flaming Cosmic Christ Control of every vehicle on the road! Now made physically manifest and eternally sustained! "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" and Beloved Mighty Victory! Seaj this car and everybody and everything within it, everybody and everything on the road, in the Victory Sun Presence of Your prevention of all accidents!



(Use aiso: perfect THIS CAR!

(Altérnate Lint)


«Almighty I AM"!

By God's Own Handi

By God's Love Ray!

God Forever Hold Sway! (3)



(Altérnate Une)

"I AM"!

I command!

Is mine (ours) today!

Through me (us) forever hold sway! And Miracles of Light! (3)

Through me (us) forever hold sway!

"Almighty I AM"!

(3) GUARD! (3) ME (US)!

(Altérnate Line)

By the Lightning of Thy Love!

By Thy Great Self above!

By Thy Secret Power of Light!

By Thy Great and Glorious Might! And Seal me (us) safe forever in Thy Diamond Heart of Light!

 I AM"! (3) the Immortal, Invincible, Fiery Guard! Established, sustained, maintained over my mind, body, home, worid and affairs! this car, all cars and all transportation! In the Mightiest Cosmic Love, Purity, Protection, and Supply of the Seven Mighty Eiohim!

Untill our Ascensión is complete!

"I AM" THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of our perfect weather and driving conditions! (3) Now made physically manifest and etemally sustained!

"I AM" THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of our perfect accommodations! (3) Now made physically manifest and etemally sustained!

"Beloved Mighty I AM Presence"! Send the AU-Christ Cross of Cosmic Violet Consuming Flame's Power, and Mighty Victory's Purifying Victory before me this day, and into everybody and everything I contact! Clear the way ahead of me; see that all comes into Divine Order through Divine Love, held Invincible against all evil éverywhere forever!





(Altérnate Line)

"Almighty I AM"! (3)

By God's Own Hand!



(Use aLso: keep blasting! (3)

(Altérnate Line)

All obstruction from my (our) way! It with Hércules' Blue Ray! All delay and interference! All lies, treachery, hate, deceit, and false appearance!



The Violet Flame is the only form of Cosmic Energy capable of dissolving and consuming bad karma, both individual and collective, together with all other negativeness, even when it is in its densest state of crystallization. The Violet Flame is Liberty.

Humanity will be saved by petition of humanity itself and by the help afforded by the Ascended Masters by means of the purifying effect of the Violet Flame.

So if you want to carry out a good service in favour of humanity, then start working on the invocation and expansion of the Violet Flame Activity.

The Violet Flame in you can envelop you from the tips of your toes to a point above your head, embracing you like a living torch of Sacred Fire.

The Violet Flame can bestow on your everyday life the unlimited gifts of Order, Forgiveness, Mercy, Liberation, Magic and Ceremonial.

The maximum protection you can have against all sinister and manipulating forces is the power of the Violet Flame.

Liberation, the ultimate achievement of your succesive reencarnations, can only be reached thanks to the Victorious Presence of the Violet Flame within both your heart and your internal and external bodies.

The compasionate power of love surges with an immense blaze of Violet Light capable of consuming in you all transgression against human and Divine Law.

The magical power caontained in all condition, whether being or things, is awakened by a vibrational action which bleises you and all humanity thanks to the action of the Violet Flame in you.

The whole ceremonial process of life is maintained by the vibrational action of the Violet Flame within your heart.

Look, think and feel that you yourself are a torch of Violet Flame that extends all around your body and way above your head.

The action of the Violet Flame is the synthesis of all the activities of all the other Rays.

Is has been revealed that Master Saint Germain is the one who controls the Violet Flame over all the earth and humanity.

Simply by saying ¨The Violet Flame¨, ¨Master Saint Germain¨, ¨Divine Presence¨ or ¨I Am¨, the whole enviroment, in every plane, takes on a violet colour.

The Violet Flame is an activity that the Masters have sent to the Earth in order to help humanity dissolve all its difficulties, such as: sin; bad karma; and bad luck.

The Masters want humanity to know that the internal conbination of the Rose Ray and the Blue Ray, produce the Violet Ray that has the power to dissolve and consume all the mistakes made in this life and in previous incarnations, as well as those mistakes made by all humanity. This Violet Ray helps to dissolve the heavy load produced by sin, bad karma or by so called bad luck, as these situations have overwhelmed humanity into a dreadful negative state against which people feel impotent. Negative and darkened life makes the whole planet dark and therefore without light. We are in the Era of the Violet Flame which commenced in 1954 and will last for 2000 years.

Use this consuming and transmuting Violet Flame. It is a blesing from God; He having allowed us to know that something exists that can dissolve and Transmute negative things.

We can use the Violet Flame during several activities, namely:

1. Affirmation: on invoking it.

2. Feeling: feeling the power of the Violet Flame.

3. Thought: Thinking about the Violet Transmuting Flame.

In order to think about the Violet Flame we can use visualization or our imagination.

Master Saint Germain who teaches us the activity of the Violet Flame allows us to use it in many different ways -The Violet Flame also reconstructs. There exists specific affirmations that are called decrees or words of power -they are not prayers. The Violet Flame can be invoked by means of an afirmation like the one that follows.

I Am the law of forgiveness

and the transmuting Violet Flame

that consumes and dissolves

all the mistakes made by me

and by all humanity.

The Violet Flame can come by way of invocation you can do it no matter what your need is: physical pain; problems in the home; or for dissolving the hate between two persons. On invocating the Violet Flame it is convenient to say: ¨I invoke the Violet Flame to dissolve this appearance¨ . Why? Because the truth of everything is perfection, harmony, beauty, happiness, comprehension and friendship. The opposite is not the truth and if it isn´t the truth, we are identifying ourselves with it, and allowing negativeness to exist because everything is mental. When you stop giving power to all that is negative you liberate yourself from it forever.

The Pillar of Violet Flame has been revealed by Master Saint Germain with the object of being able to envelop any person in it, also any situation or thing, that needs to be perfectioned.

For a person to achieve the ascension, his or her vehicles of the inferior quaternary should be submitted to the purifying action of he Pillar of Violet Flame.

This can be invoked and visualized around the physical body like a fiery cylinder that contains a vibrating etheric and shinning violet substance in its interior. It can also be imagined like a violet curtain envelops one completely.

The diameter of the Pillar of Violet Flame should be visualized or imagined a little larger than of the length of our arms when extended horizontally.

To begin with, in order to be able to form the Pillar of Violet Flame, it is necesary to invoke it three times a day; or whenever the student remembers to do it during the day. Eventually this pillar will become so solid that it will be able to be seen by other persons as well.

This pillar can also form itself around your house, work, cities,countries and the entire planet.

Its use is sacred to the redemption and ascension to God of all bad energy.

The Violet Torch that the Goddess of Liberty holds in her right hand is a Violet Flame, and all of us can ask her to light up this torch int he entrances of our homes or in certain areas of our houses, as well as in any public place in the city or country, for the bleising of all that live in, or frequent, these places.

Several weeks before Connie Mendez made her physical transition she tought us the synthesis of all invocations to the Violet Flame, that is to say, ¨I am the torch of the Violet Flame¨.

We can also ask for the torch to be passed by Divine Mercy wherever it is necesary to burn up some destructive energy.

The Violet Hand is a very powerful activity revealed by the Masters which can be used to intercept, seize and transmute any negative condition that could be increasingly causing evil. You can say, ¨Beloved Violet Hand, intercept, seize and transmute it and return it evil energy to the Great Central Sun so that it can be dissolved and consumed¨. Anybody who is carrying out an evil act can be seized immediately by the Violet Hand, and helped to purify his inferior bodies of the dross of the bad energies used through ignorance.

The Violet Mantle can be asked for from Master Saint Germain in order to cover whatever inharmonious manifestation that needs to be transmuted. This Mantle is often asociated with the Violet Cape used by the Beloved Master.

Millions of Angels work under Master Saint Germain´s orders carrying this purifying flame to wherever it has been invoked. They can be seen forming large concentrie rings encircling the situation that needs to be transmuted.

Angels of the Violet Flame (X3)




In the transmuting Violet Flame this situation,

until its complete ascension.

The Violet Planet is the place where the Temple of The Violet Flame can be found and from where Master Saint Germain brought the Sacred use of this Flame. With his permision we can ask Him to instruct us how to acquire purification and transmutation of the badly used energies. This use is so effective that no negativity exists that can not be dissolved before such Great Energy of Light, Love and Transmutation.

The Violet lake (is a violet coloured lake) whose substance is a kind of liquid light that penetrales, cleans, purifies, cures and disolves without getting wet. It is close to the Mother Kwan Yin temple in the etheric planes that lie above and over the city of Pekin.

You can say a grace to Mother Kwan Yin on being introduced into this lake -a blessing that should be extended to all humanity.

¨I am, I am, I am

The Violet Flame

and the transmuting fire

that breaks out and kindles

consumes and dissolves

all human imperfection

past, future and present

in all the Planet

and all around me¨.