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You are a Sun
by Rubén Cedeņo

In a few words I will explain to you what you have come to this life for, why sometimes things go wrong and what you can do for things to always be right. Finally, I will explain what kind of help you can receive so your life will stop being "a valley of tears" and become a meadow of happiness because, YOU ARE A SUN.

You are a child of God, pure and perfect, with a divine seed in you heart called The Inner Christ, which is a Sun of light that contains the three primary aspects of God, symbolized in a triple flame. The Blue Flame (Godīs Will), the Gold Flame (Godīs Wisdom), and the Pink Flame (Divine Love). The purpose of your life is to become one with these three divine aspects, which you can invoke from within yourself every time you need health, freedom and love. Everyday and every time you feel the need, dedicate a few minutes or as much time as you want to think abou your Inner Christ.

If you are in bad shape it is because of the negative words or thoughts that you have said against yourself and others. Correct your vocabulary and your way of thinking inmediately! Say positive things about yourself and others, whether they are true or not. Bad things change if we irradiate them with positivism. Always say: "I am positive, think positive and speak positive".

Hatred and lack of forgiveness do not make life good, so begin to forgive all the people that have hurt you. Even if in your eyes they do not deserve it, say to them: "I give you my love and forgiveness".

You are not alone in life. Above your head there is a brotherhood of Saints, Angels and Illuminated Spirits eager to help you. They are just waiting for you to invoke them. If you know about the existence of master Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Germain, Lord Gautama, Mohammed or simply GOD, everything good, beatiful, coloful, musical, intelligent, happy and smilling in life is for you. God is waiting for you to open the door of your heart to fill it up with glory because YOU ARE A SUN.

To conclude, I remind you that when Moses asked God ihs name, He answered: "I AM THAT I AM". So "I AM" is the name of God and his name should not be used in vain. Every time you say "I AM", say something positive good, happy and healthy. If you want to recreate yourself in the Temple of God, let your mind and heart take pleasure in repetaing the divine name of "I AM THAT I AM" and you will see your life become iluminated because YOU ARE A SUN.