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       Author of 490 books which have been translated to more than five languages. He produced 210 documentaries from archeological and historical places that hold a spiritual value in 25 countries of the five continents: America, Europe, Africa and Asia. From 1979 he has been an International Speaker who has held conferences in 224 cities along 38 countries. He has mentored thousands of Metaphysics Instructors, created hundreds of Metaphysics Schools and several publishing companies. He performs guided tours explaining art history in the most famous museums of the world. Graduated as a Music Master, author and composer of countless academic and popular musical works whose scores have been published in twelve books. He is currently responsible for guiding most of the metaphysics groups worldwide.

        Rubén Cedeño has been visiting the United States for 40 years and for 19 years, he has been holding lectures (free of charge) as a metaphysics speaker, in Anaheim, Boston, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Bedford, New Jersey, New York, and Washington. Author of 490 books published by 22 publishing houses and translated to five languages. His work can be found in the most renowned libraries of the world and many libraries of the United States, such as the Public Library of New York and the Library of Congress in Washington. He composed 30 songs and one anthem to the Statue of Liberty (in English) that was written for its centennial. President Ronald Reagan praised Mr. Cedeño for this work and gave him a thank you letter. He has recorded 24 Compact Discs and produced 210 Video Documentaries in archeological sites in 17 countries of the 5 continents. In the United States, he produced Video Documentaries in Mount Shasta, Hope Valley, Disneyland (California), Grand Canyon (Arizona), Grand Teton (Wyoming), New York and Kansas. He has written countless metaphysical articles about the United States, which were published in the book “Estados Unidos Metafísico” (Metaphysical United States).



By: Rubén Cedeño

Release all your problems to the four winds and don´t worry anymore about anything that bothers you. Relax and unwrikle your forehead, release the tensions from your face, shoulders, arms and legs. Relax all your body. Stay in peace for a few minutes with your Own Being, forget all troubles: the noise of the motorcycles, the horns, the traffic jam, the heat, people´s demands, the aggressiveness which you have been treated with, the human scorn, the control that others want over you, the shouts you receive, the bad taste, the falsehood, and the vanity of the enviroment.

FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT COULD ANOYS YOU, because when we put our attention on anything uncomfortable, we become that very thing which we don´t like. There we loose our internal Peace because we disturb ourselves physically, emocionally and mentally.

Remenber that te strength which allows you to live, think, feel, move, see and do everything you want is inside of your own heart, because God´s Divine Spark, the Holy Spirit´s breath of life, or the Internal Christ as some people calls it, lives in your heart. Remember that St. Paul clearly says: "Do you know that you are temples of God and that God´s Spirit live in you?", "Jesus Christ is in you".

Millions of years ago, you and every human being lived in God´s own Hear and did not have a body as today. We were sparks making part of God´s radaint Spirit like right cells of His Being.

At that time we didn´t have conciousness of our indivual selves or what was happening, therefore, at a determined moment in the cosmic manifestation, God decided that all of us had to realice that we were a part of Him and for that very reason we take on physic bodies, due to the fact that only trough the substance we are able to get the necessary knowledge in order to be self-conscious that we are part of God, sparks of His own Being. This means that we are Gods, and the Bible cofirms it both in Genesis and in the Gospels "And God created man in His own image and likeness" (Genesis 1-27) "You are Gods" (St. John 10-34)

Therefore, we have come to the physical incarnation with the purpose of:

Be conscious and self-conscious of God´s aspects.
Expanding God´s park which we possess inside of us until it shines like a sun.
Being able, through evolucion, to unite some day in the ocean of light, happiness and love of God´s presence.
God is all in everything. He is the essence of our own being, and of everything existing. God cannot be the punishing and vengeful half human and divine person as some people believe, because God cannot go against His own Being which we ourselves are.

God is love and He loves you and all of us with the greatest sweetness and care you can imagine, since we are part of His body, as well as a part of everything existing. He consents you like a father with his most beloved son; and look at everything that He has given us to enjoy: a sky with clouds to dream of, with stars to imagine and study; trees to make us beautiful and to drink; stones to build our houses; with animals to bear witness to His Love, Beauty and Freedom; air to fly in and the entire human race to accompany us and fill us wit love, harmony and happiness.

But what happens is that human beings have freedom of choice; that means freedom to live well or bad. Thus, we live according to good or wrong thinking, good or wrong feeling and actions. For those who choose to live badly, they cannot enjoy the gifts God gives us in order to be happy upon the earth.

The Divine Order is the first son of God. So, let start to order our own worlds now!, and as a Law of Consequence, the world which surrounds us, because everythin tha tis understood and realized internally is also projected and realized externally.

Star by see now the Divine Spark which burns in your heart, like a powerful and radiant sun of Peace, Love, Divine Will, Wisdom, Happiness, Well-being, Richness, Serenity and everything that is God.

There, in the place where you are in right now, on the bus, in your car, in the cafeteria, in the park, at the stadium down in an armchair or lying down in your bed, think of the following:

God is only Love and He wants only the best foryou. God beats in every heart-throb. I feel it and I know that God is with me in every moment of my life.
With the eyes of your spirit look how your heart-throb. I feel it and I know that God is with me in every moment of my life.
See now how in the centre of the sun of light there is a triple flame which rises from the top of your heart. There are three lihts which are living and shining, and revealing the three main aspects of od.
From the right side of your heart, the blue-colored flame which contains all the Faith, Will and Power of God, is also alive and bright. Say: "I am not afraid. God is faith and security in my heart". "I am the strength, the faith and the power of God which does away with every doubt, wickedness and superstition". "God Will for me and for everybody is always good". "Every evil has a hidden goodness".
Now direct your attention towards the left side of your heart and look at the rose-colored flame which contains Love, Beauty, Richness and Diplomacy of God in its highest expression. Say: "I am God in action". "I am an universal focus of love which surrounds every person, city, country and continent in the world".
Look how in the centre of your heart the yello-golden flame rises victoriously, irradiating all the Wisdom, Intelligence and Ilumination of God. Say: "I am the light spot from which God looks on the world", "I am God´s Peace and Knowledge which is superior tothe human understanding". "I am the light of the world". "God is light and there is no darkness in Him" (St. John 1.5)
Imagine now how the blue-colored flame rising from the right side of your heart and the rose-colored one coming from the left side, start to descend until they reach your feet, and from there rise togeter mixed into a bright violet-colored flame which commences to surround you entirely until it reaches your head, building in this way a pillar of violetcolored light around your body. The violet flame is God´s sacred fire which eliminates every imperfect and unwanted human condition.
Look on yourself as a torch of violet-colored flame, and repeat: "I am the Law of Forgiveness and the transmutating violet flame which destroys ad eliminates every mistake committed by me and y the whole humanity". "I am a violet-flame torch".

The violet-colored flame makes you invisible and undefeatable to every evil and imperfect human creation.

From the metaphysic point of view, animosity, criticism, lack of forgiveness, enmity and hatred cause illnesses and wars; therefore, say to every person, situation or thing with which you are not in harmony "I give you my love and I forgive you".

End your meditation by thanking God for everything you have and do not ever complain about anything again, because that denies the prsence of od. Consequently, we should be gratefull for everything we posses.